SELCO data sheets

As the distributor for the SELCO company, we are your contact in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for all matters concerning SELCO products. We are also the contact for existing clients in other countries.

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T2000 Reverse Power Relay
T2100 Excitation Loss Relay
T2200 Overcurrent Relay
T2300 Short-circuit Relay
T2400 Dual Overcurrent Relay
T2500 Overcurrent and Short-circuit Relay
T2600 Dual Current Relay
T2700 Overload Relay
T2800 Overcurrent or Earth Fault Relay
T2900 Differential Current Relay
T3000 Frequenzy Relay
T3100 Voltage Relay
T3200 Insulation Monitoring Relay
T3300 Voltage Relay 3 phase
T3500 Frequenzy Deviation Relay
T4000 Auto Synch. for Electronic Speed Controllers
T4400 Load Sharer for Electronic Speed Controllers
T4500 Auto Synch. for Conventional Govenors
T4800 Load Sharer for Conventional Govenors
T4900 VAr Load Sharer
T5000 Paralleling Relay
T7900 Electronic Potentiometer
T8400 Blackout Limiter
S6000 SIGMA Protection Module
S6100 SIGMA Control Module
S6500 SIGMA User Interface
S6610 SIGMA Power Managment

Engine Starting and Management
B9300 Power Reference Unit
E7800 Motorized Potentiometer
M0500 Tacho Detector
M0600 Shutdown Unit
M2000 Engine Controller
M2100 Emergency Controller

G2000 Power Relay
G2200 Current Relay
G3000 Frequency Relay
G3100 Voltage Relay
G3300 Voltage Relay
G3600 Voltage Relay