Data Sheets

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Would you like more information on our products? The following product descriptions for our current range of electronic units, arranged according to the names of the different models, are available as PDF Files for downloading and printing. Please note that files not underlined are currently not available. Please switch to the German data sheets.

Control & Adjustm. Units, Motorpotentiometer
EMP500 Multi Motorpotentiom. 24V +- 10V, 20mA
MDA Automatic Start Unit, Engine Protection
MDM Manual Start Unit, Engine Protection

Power Transducer Units - Buffer Amplifiers
AMU150 AC Current Measuring Transd. 5A 24VDC
FMU100 Rapid Freq. Transd. 40-70Hz, 20mA, 0,2%
PMU150 Real PWR Transd. 4-C. sym., 231V 5A
TV40GVC Multi Buffer Amplifier
WMU350 4-Conductor asym., 3x 231V 5A
Protective Units for Generators
IOS350 Overcurr.- Short-circuit Time Rel. 10-50A
IOS35G Overcurr.- Sh-circ. Time Rel. 7.5-13.5A
IO-350 OC.- Sh.-circ. Time Rel. 3.5-6.5A 1-30s
I-S350 Short-circuit Time Relay 10-50A, 0.1 - 3s
I-S354 Short-circuit Time Rel. 7.5 - 20A, 0.2 - 5s
RLZ150 Feedback Time Relay, 231V 5A, 4-C.
RLZ153 Feedback Time Relay, 231V 5A, 3-C.
VECFU5 Digital Mains & Generator Protection Unit
UFR1001E VDE-AR-N 4105 compliant protection (All)

Voltage - Frequency - Asymm. Load Monitors
ASW500 Rapid Under- and Overvoltage 4-C. 400 V
ASW503 Rapid Under- and Overvoltage 3-C. 400 V
BUW524 Battery Undervoltage Monitor 10 - 33 VDC
BUW524 E004 Over- & Undervoltage Monitor VDC
DFW100 Digi. Freq. Monitor with LCD 40-70Hz
MFW100 Digital multifunction controller
SLW150 Asym. Load Monitor, 3x 5A, 5 - 15%

Our service for you. The data sheets for our older products as PDF files for you to read, print and archive.
The discontinued product descriptions have not been updated and possibly no longer represent the "state of the art". We can therefore not guarantee the correctness of the data given there.
If you use these descriptions and have any doubts as to their correctness, please contact us.

Discontinued Products - For further information please contact our sales team

Control & Adjustm. Units - Motorpotentiometer
EMP200 Multi Motorized Potentiometer
EMP501 Multi Motorized Potentiometer 24V +-10V
EMP502 Barber Colman, Basler Electric SSR
EMP503 DDEC III, GAC, Heinzmann
EMP504 Leroi Somer, Mecc-Alte, Scania DEC2
EMP505 Woodward, Barber Colman Dyna DPG
EMP506 Woodward 701A, Volvo D12, Caterpillar
EMP507 EMP507 Cummins ECM, Deutz EMR, GAC
LR5500 Peak Load Controller 0 - 20mA, 231V
LR5510 3-Pt. Power Contr. with rated value adjust
LRG100 3-Pt. Power Controller Parallel Running
MDR524 Electr. Speed Control for Servomotors

Power Transducer Units - Buffer Amplifier
AMU110 AC Current Measuring Transd. 1A 24VDC
FTV024 Multi Buffer Amp 20mA, 10V, 24VAC
FTV115 Multi Buffer Amp 20mA, 10V, 115VAC
FTV230 Multi Buffer Amp 20mA, 10V, 230VAC
FTV924 Multi Buffer Amp 20mA, 10V, 24VDC
PDM100 DC Power Transducer 21 - 250V
PDM110 DC Power Transducer 10 - 50V
PDM200 DC Power Transducer 55 - 700V
PDM500 DC Power Transducer 0 - 500V
PDM52S DC Power Transducer
PMD350 Real PWR Transd. 4-C. asym. 5A Aux. 24V
PMU350 Real PWR Transd. 4-C. sym., 231V 5A
PMU353 Real PWR Transd. 3-C. sym., 231V 5A
RMU350 Transducer Blind 4-C asym., 231V 5A
TRV100 Buf. Amplifier 20mA 10V, 3-way, 24VDC
VMU100 Transducer Unit, 400 VAC 24 VDC
WMU110 Real PWR Transducer 231V 1A, 4-C. sym.
WMU150 Real PWR Transducer 231V 5A, 4-C. sym.
Protective Units for Generators
G4PF33-1 VDE-AR-N 4105 compliant protection (PV)
I-S35F Rapid Short-circ. Time Rel. 7.5-25A, 10ms
I-S35S Rapid Short-circ. Time Rel. 10-50A, 10ms
RLZ110 Feedback Time Relay, 231V 1A, 4-C.
RLZ113 Feedback Time Relay, 231V 1A, 3-C.
VEC100 Mains & Generator Prot. Unit, 231V 50Hz
VECFU1 Mains & Generator Prot. Unit with F & U
VECFU2 Mains & Generator Prot. Unit with F & U
VECFU3 Mains & Generator Prot. Unit with F & U
VECFU5 Date of Software to May 2009

Voltage - Frequency - Asymm. Load Monitors
AFW100 Frequency Monitor 231V 50Hz
ASW300 Under and Overvoltage 4-C., 300V
ASW303 Under and Overvoltage 3-C., 300V
BUW112 Battery Undervoltage Monitor 12 V
BUW124 Battery Undervoltage Monitor 24 V
GAZ100 Limit Value Time Relay Off-delayed, 20mA
GWG100 Limit Val. Time Rel. On-delayed, 0-20mA
GWG200 Lim. Val. Time Rel. On-delayed, ext. Conf.
GWZ100 Limit Value Source, 0 - 20mA
RFR200 Speed Controller 24V 10 - 20Hz, 40 - 60Hz
RFR500 Speed Contr. Unit 0.5-70Hz, 5-264VAC